Welcome to all,

Red Mass is a gathering of artists, writers and musicians from around the globe. The Mass was created by Roy ‘Choyce’ Vucino in 2008. Its goal is simple… a positive atmosphere for networking and allowing its members to create and distribute their work properly, as well as pursuing the ideals of free thinking and liberation through art. This “Rock ‘n’ Roll” organisation touches on a wide array of mediums from animation, illustration, improvisation, art films to music.Within two years of its creation, The Mass’s live performances are turning heads around the world.

For the last few years, Vucino has, as one of its central figures, helped to give Montreal’s flourishing garage and rock’n'roll scene international recognition. Having fronted CPC Gangbangs, he now records film music and tours with Night Seeker . At eighteen, he formed a record label and then went on to play and record with The Irritations, Daylight Lovers, Del-Gators, Cheating Hearts, Luxury Rides, Les Enfants Sauvages, Honey and Lies, Milky Ways, Cocobeurre, Bestalita, Night Seeker, Mark Sultan, PyPy, and Les Sexareenos, with whom he released three records on Sympathy For The Record Industry and achieved cult status after touring extensively in Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan. He then formed CPC Gangbangs, whose live act won them the reputation of one of the top rock’n'roll bands in the world. Bound to implode, the band did so, following the departure of key members.

And now, the Mass has opened itself to all, with a sincere belief that it can offer young artists and outsiders alike a new haven. With a slew of singles, 10″s, EPs, records and experimental releases, Red Mass is ready to hit. Its psychedelic space rock’n'roll with elements of noise, folk, punk and electronic music is a culmination of 12 years of hard work. Dark poppy hooks laced with strange sound effects, it is an ode to the past, music for today and the shape of rock’n'roll to come. Its rotating line-up allows the Mass to tour extensively and consists of musicians from such bands as Fly Pan Am, Black Feelings, Demon’s Claws and Ghost Limbs, to name a few. Having blown crowds away at SXSW, CMJ, Gonerfest, Sled Island, Pop Montreal & North by Northeast Festivals to name a few Choyce & Red Mass can now offer young artists a place and atmosphere where they can learn how to produce and also promote their own art. Red Mass welcomes anyone and everyone interested in working among its ranks.

As above, so below.

We now welcome you to the Red Mass.